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Newcomers in Sport: Inclusive Quality Sport Pathways

Sport leaders​, including board members, staff, coaches, officials, and many others, know the benefits of participating in sport. Newcomers to Canada have a ​keen interest in participating in sport and deserve to receive the benefits of participation. Positive experiences in sport can even benefit their resettlement process and ease the immense pressure they face.  However, many newcomers face barriers to full participation in sport and physical activity, barriers that some sport leaders may not know even exist. 
Through stories shared by newcomers to Canada, this introductory workshop will highlight some of the challenges faced by ​immigrants and refugees when trying to participate in sport in their new country. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to explore terminology and sport pathway challenges for newcomer groups then learn more about how to tackle those barriers to help ensure increased access to quality sport for all.   
It is time for all of us to reflect on our attitudes, policies, and practices that contribute to inequities of access. This workshop is the beginning of an opportunity to expand our world view ​and take action toward a more welcoming and inclusive sport system ​for newcomers in Canada.  
This interactive workshop can be delivered virtually (2 hours) or in person (1/2 day) by 2 facilitators – one with lived experience as a newcomer and the other who has fully participated in the mainstream sport system.
If you are interested in having this workshop for your organization, please email at WNSAworkshops@gmail.com